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USB Keyboard Function Assignment

USB Keyboard Function Assignment

All of the following assignments are the settings at the first boot.

UI Assignments

Key Function
+, Enter, F5 + Button
- - Button
A A Button
Space Select When Multiple Selections are Possible
B, Esc B Button
X X Button
Y Y Button
L L Button
R R Button
Cursor Key Directional Button

General Functions

Key Function
Menu, Ctrl+M Software Keyboard
PrintScreen Show Performance Gauge
Ctrl + TAB Switching the Operation Target of the Editor
F12 Return to Top Menu

Basic Input Functions

Key Function
ENTER Line Feed
Ctrl+ENTER Insert Blank Line
BS Delete One Character on the Left
DEL Delete One Character on the Right
Ctrl+BS Delete One Line
Ctrl+DEL Delete Right Side
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
F9 Run Tool 1
F10 Run Tool 2
F11 Run Tool 3

Direct Mode

Key Function
←,→ Left / Right Movement
HOME Head of Liine
END End of Line
Move While Selecting
Back Input History
Forward Input History
F4 Move to Errors in Editor
F5 Run / Stop
F6 Trace Execution
F7 Switch to Editor
Ctrl+1,2,3,4 Switch to Specified Slot in Editor
Ctrl+S Simple Save
Ctrl+L Simple Load

Emergency Function in Direct Mode

Ctrl+Alt+Del Input/Output Reset
Ctrl+PrintScreen Program Forced Stop

・"Input/Output Reset" resets the display to the initial state and stops sound, vibration of Joy-Con, motion sensor and IR Motion Camera.
・ "Program Forced Stop" forcibly stops the main and sub simultaneously. Note that ON BREAK GOTO will be ignored because the process is different from normal stoppings.

Edit Mode

Key Function
←,→,↑,↓ Move Up / Down / Left / Right
HOME Head of Line
END End of Line
PageUp Back One Page
PageDown Forward One Page
Ctrl+HOME First Line
Ctrl+END Last Line
Move While
Holdiing Shift
Move While Selecting
Ctrl+G Move to Specified Line Movement Mode
F3,Ctrl+F Move to Search Mode
Ctrl+H Move to replace mode
TAB Indent
Shift+TAB Unindent
Ctrl+K Comment
Shift+Ctrl+K Uncomment
F1 Help
F2,Ctrl+B Change Font Size
F4,F8,Ctrl+0 Switch to Direct Mode
F5 Program Execution
F6 Trace Execution
Ctrl+W Change Wrapping Mode
Ctrl+/ Split Display
Ctrl+1,2,3,4 Switch Slot
Ctrl+S Simple Save
Ctrl+L Simple Load

Editor Specified Line Movement Mode

Key Function
ESC, Ctrl+G Exit from Mode
ENTER Move to Specified Line

Editor: Search Mode

Key Function
ESC Exit from Mode
↓,F3,ENTER Search Below
↑,Shift+F3 Search Above
TAB Switch to Replace Mode

Editor: Replace Mode

Key Function
ESC Exit from Mode
↓,F3 Search Below
↑,Shift+F3 Search Above
TAB Switch to Search Mode
ENTER Replace
Ctrl+ENTER Replace All

Editor: Completion Candidate Mode

Key Function
ESC,←,→ Exit from Mode
↓,↑ Select Candidates
ENTER Confirm Selected Candidate
TAB Confirm Selected Candidate or Candidate Above

Help Mode

Key Function
ESC,F1 Exit from Mode
↓,↑ Move Lines
PageUp,PageDown Move Headers
←,→ Move Pages
Ctrl+C Copy Example

Japanese Input

Assignment when Japanese is set to the USB keyboard in the settings of the console

Key Function
Kanji Swiitch Input Mode(Hiragana)
Shift+Kanji Swiitch Input Mode(Katakana)
Conversion Japanese Input Mode ON
Katakana Hiragana Japanese Input Mode ON(Hiragana)
Katakana Hiragana
Japanese Input Mode ON(Katakana)
No Conversion Japanese Input Mode OFF

Assignments when you set the language to Japanese in the settings of the console and English to the USB keyboard in the settings of the console at the same time

Key Function
Alt+` Swiitch Input Mode(Hiragana)
Shift+Alt+` Swiitch Input Mode(Katakana)

Russian Input

Assignment when Russian is set for the keyboard in the system settings.

Key Function
Alt+` Switch Input Mode(Cyrillic)

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