Command Summary(fundamental commands)

Command Summary(fundamental commands)

Direct Mode Only

Commands that can only be used in Direct Mode

NEW Clear program being edited
LIST Switch to the Edit Mode
RUN Execute a program
CONT Resume a suspended program
TRACE Execute a program with only one command
BACKTRACE Check call history
SUBRUN Execute a subprogram
SUBSTOP Stop a subprogram
CLEAR Clear variables

Variables and Arrays

Operating/defining commands for variables and arrays

DIM,VAR Definition of variables and arrays
SWAP Exchange variable values
INC Increase the value of a variable
DEC Reduce the value of a variable
COPY Copy value
RINGCOPY Copy as a ring buffer
SORT Sort the array in ascending order
RSORT Sort the array in descending order
PUSH Insert a value at the end of the array
POP Extract a value from the end of the array
UNSHIFT Insert a value at the beginning of the array
SHIFT Extract a values from the beginning of the array
FILL Fill the entire array with a same value
TYPEOF Check the value type
ARRAY% Create an Int array
ARRAY# Create a Real array
ARRAY$ Create a string array
RESIZE Change the number of array elements
INSERT Insert an element into the array
REMOVE Remove an element from the array
FIND Find elements from the array
INSPECT Display variable contents for debugging

Control and Branch

Control commands such as branch and repeat

@LABEL GOTO, GOSUB destination definition
GOTO Unconditional jump
GOSUB Subroutine jump
RETURN Return to the jump source
ON GOTO GOTO in different places depending on the value
ON GOSUB GOSUB in different places depending on the value
ON BREAK GOTO Jump when the program stops
Diff. process with conditional expression results
Different processing for each value
Infinite loop
Loop while changing a variable value
Loop while conditional expression is true
Loop while conditional expression is false
CONTINUE Jump to the next loop
BREAK Escape the loop
END End the program
STOP Stop the program
DEF END User-defined command
DEFARGC Get a number of DEF arguments
DEFARG Get an argument value of DEF
DEFOUTC Get a number of DEF return values
DEFOUT Set a return value of DEF
CALL Call a command with a string

Character output/input

Fundamental character output/input commands

CLS Clear text screen
COLOR Text display color setting
LOCATE Text display coordinates setting
PRINT Display text
INPUT Input a value for the variable
LINPUT Input a value for the variable
INKEY$ Get input text


Functions for mathematical calculations such as trigonometric functions and logarithms

INT Convert Real to Int
FLOAT Convert Int to Real
FLOOR Round down a number
ROUND Round off a number
CEIL Round up a number
ABS Absolute value
SGN Numeric sign
MIN Minimum value
MAX Maximum value
RND Int random number
RNDF Real random number
RANDOMIZE Random number initialization
SQR Square root
EXP Index
LOG Logarithm
POW Power
RAD Convert degrees to radians
DEG Convert radians to degrees
SIN Trigonometric function sin
COS Trigonometric function cos
TAN Trigonometric function tan
ASIN Inverse function of sin
ACOS Inverse function of cos
ATAN Inverse function of tan
SINH Hyperbolic function sinh
COSH Hyperbolic function cosh
TANH Hyperbolic function tanh
CLASSIFY Check Real state

String Operations

String operations and conversion functions

ASC Convert a character to character code
CHR$ Convert character code to a character
VAL Convert a string to a number
STR$ Convert a number to a string
HEX$ Convert Int to a hexadecimal string
BIN$ Convert Int to a binary string
FORMAT$ Create a string with a formatted value
LEN Get a string or an array length
LAST Get the end position of a string or an array
MID$ Get a substring
LEFT$ Cut out the left side of the string
RIGHT$ Cut out the right side of the string
INSTR Search substring
SUBST$ Replace part of a string
DATE$ Get the current date string
TIME$ Get the current time string


Save/load of programs/data and file operation commands

FILES Display/get the file list
LOAD Load a program
LOADG Load a graphic page
LOADV Load array/string
SAVE Save a program
SAVEG Save a graphic page
SAVEV Save array/string
PROJECT Setting for the project to use
EXEC Execute a program
CHKFILE Check if file exists
DELETE Delete a file
RENAME Rename a file


Other commands that cannot be classified

CONST Constant definition
ENUM Define constants with sequential numbers
DATA Data definition
READ Read data
RESTORE the read position setting of READ
OPTION Execution option setting
WAIT Wait until drawing is complete
VSYNC Wait until drawing is complete
REM Comment
TMREAD Reading time
DTREAD Reading date
CHKLABEL Search for a label
CHKCALL Search for a command
CHKVAR Search for a variable
DIALOG Display dialog box
RESULT Return the execution result of various commands
CLIPBOARD Clipboard operation
KEY Function key string operation
FONTINFO Get character storage coordinates
FREEMEM Get the capacity of free memory
MILLISEC Get program execution time in milliseconds
MAINCNT Get program execution time in frames
SYSPARAM Acquisition and operation of system settings
PERFBEGIN Start speed measurement
PERFEND End of speed measurement and get result
METALOAD Load metadata
METAEDIT Edit metadata
METASAVE Save metadata

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