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Command Summary(drawing screen)

Command Summary(drawing screen)

Screen Control

Show control commands for entire display

ACLS Reset the display
XSCREEN Display resolution setting
ANIMDEF Animation definition
BACKCOLOR Set/get background color
FADE Set/get display fade
FADECHK Check the display fade status

Graphic Drawing

Commands for drawing shapes on graphic pages

GTARGET Destination graphic page setting
GCOLOR Set drawing color
RGB Convert RGB values and color codes
RGBF Convert Real RGB value and color codes
HSV Convert HSV value and color codes
HSVF Convert Real number HSV value and color codes
GCLIP Drawing clipping setting
GCLS Clear graphic page
GPSET Draw a point
GPGET Get color code of specified coordinates
GLINE Draw a line
GCIRCLE Draw a circle or arc
GBOX Draw a square
GFILL Fill a square
GCOPY Copy an image to different coordinates
GSAVE Save an image to an array
GLOAD Load an image from an array
GTRI Draw a triangle
GPUTCHR Draw text on a graphic page
GPUTCHRP Draw proportional text on a graphic page
GARRAY Treat a graphic page as an array
GUPDATE Reflect GARRAY operation result
GSAMPLE Reference method setting on sprite/text screen


Commands to display a large amount of images in a graphic page at high speed

SPSET Create a sprite
SPCLR Delete a sprite
SPSHOW Display a sprite
SPHIDE Hide a sprite
SPHOME Display origin setting
SPOFS Parallel translation
SPROT Rotation
SPSCALE Zoom in/out
SPCOLOR Display color setting
SPCHR Various attribute operation
SPPAGE Reference graphic page setting
SPLAYER Affiliation layer setting
SPDEF Create sprite definition
SPLINK Parent-child relationship setting
SPUNLINK Cancel parent-child relationship
SPANIM Animation setting
SPSTOP Stop animation
SPSTART Start animation
SPCHK Check animation status
SPVAR Sprite variable operation
SPCOL Collision detection setting
SPCOLVEC Speed setting used for collision detection
SPHITSP Collision detection between sprites
SPHITRC Sprite and rectangle collision detection
SPHITINFO Get information on the collision detection result
SPFUNC Routine settings called by CALL SPRITE
SPUSED Check if sprite is used

Text Screen

Character display/data input commands to text screens

TPRINT Display text
ATTR Text attributes setting
CHKCHR Get text written at the specified coordinates
TSCREEN Text screen size and font setting
TPAGE Set the user-defined text reference destination
TCOLOR Set the drawing color of the entire text screen
TLAYER Set the text screen affiliation layer
TPUT Text writing
TFILL Fill the specified area with text
THOME Display origin setting
TOFS Parallel translation
TROT Rotation
TSCALE Zoom in/out
TSHOW Display text screen
THIDE Hide text screen
TBLEND Translucent composition method setting
TANIM Animation setting
TSTOP Stop animation
TSTART Start animation
TCHK Get animation status
TVAR Text screen variable operation
TCOPY Copy content to another text screen
TSAVE Save contents to an array
TLOAD Load contents from an array
TARRAY Treat contents as an array
TUPDATE Reflect TARRAY operation result
TFUNC Register a routine to be called with CALL TEXT
TCOORD Convert bet. display coords and text screen coords


Commands to further refine the display content of sprites and text screens

LAYER Layer composition method setting
LFILTER Filter effect setting
LCLIP Indication clipping setting
LMATRIX Drawing transformation matrix setting

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