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Update Information (Aug. 10, 2023)

We’ve released SmileBASIC 4 Ver. 4.4.6.

New Features

New BASIC Language Features

  • Added Maeda Design Room DOTOWN images and sprite definitions to #EXAMPLE. Refer to DOTOWN_DEF.PRG, DOTOWN_NAME.PRG, DOTOWN.GRP in #EXAMPLE project and DEMO → DOTOWN in BASICDEMO

Bug Fixes

BASIC Language Issues

Significance: High

  • Sometimes hangs when trying to execute statements with extremely complex structures that cannot actually be executed. (It occurs only with statements that intentionally try to generate this bug, not with normal programs.)
  • TALK sentence hangs up when a string of extremely large number of repeated “A” is uttered.

Significance: Medium

  • TOFS specifies the value of the X coordinate when the Y coordinate is omitted.
  • TSHOW,THIDE does not return a correct value.
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