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Compatibility information for USB Keyboards & Mice

Note: We are not able to answer any questions regarding the compatibility of each individual product, such as USB keyboards, mice and USB Type-C™ hubs with Nintendo Switch. Please contact the manufacturer of the keyboard, mouse and hub. Please understand in advance that we cannot take any responsibilities even the devices are not be able to connect to the console.

USB Keyboards

  • Wired USB keyboards are recommended. It seems that most of the wired USB keyboards work fine, but there is a problem such as the numeric keypad doesn't work depending on products.
  • The keyboard array can be set in Nintendo Switch settings → Console → USB keyboard, except for Chinese and Hangul. However, if you want to use Japanese input, please use Japanese (106/109 Japanese keyboard) or English (101/104 keyboard).
  • The function keys, cursor keys, and PrintScreen/Delete/Insert/Home/End/PageUp/PageDown should be independent keys.

USB Mouse

  • A wired USB mouse with at least 2 buttons and a wheel is recommended. SmileBASIC 4 uses the left button and wheel for UI operations, but the user program can recognize a maximum of 5 buttons and 1 wheel.
  • Please note that many wireless USB mice do not work.

Using a USB keyboard and mouse in portable mode

  • By connecting USB Type-C hub to USB Type-C terminal of the Nintendo Switch console, you can use USB keyboard and mouse in the portable mode or desktop mode.
  • We recommend that you use a Nintendo licensed USB Type-C hub.
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