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Update Information (July 12, 2021)

We’ve released SmileBASIC 4 Ver. 4.4.5.

New Features

New BASIC Language Features

  • Added music (62-73 of BGMPLAY).
  • Added SE (156 of BEEP).

Bug Fixes

BASIC Language Issues

Significance: High

  • If the VSYNC command is used in a user-defined command that frequently creates a large number of strings or arrays, it may hang.
  • When the text input dialog is opened and closed continuously, it may hang in rare cases.

Issues with menu screen etc.

Significance: High

  • If the user starts the Beginner's Guide after deleting or renaming a file using FILEMENU while editing or unsaved BASIC programs, and then cancels the first confirmation dialog, the operation becomes inoperable.
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