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Update Information (Apr. 17, 2021)

We’ve released SmileBASIC 4 Ver. 4.4.3.

Bug Fixes

The following bug has been fixed.

BASIC Language Issues

Significance: High

  • *In TFILL, specifying an empty string as an argument may cause incorrect characters to be drawn or hang.
  • *Reading a string from a DATA statement to a variable using READ or COPY, and then using the SHIFT function with the variable as an argument in succession, may cause a hang.

Significance: Medium

  • “IR Camera is not available” error occurs when IRSTATE should return 0.
  • When the progress bar is displayed during saving and loading, the preceding input of the keyboard can be done.
  • SPFUNC setting is not cleared when deleting by “.” in SPANIM.
  • SPFUNC is not cleared when deleting by “.” in SPANIM.
  • When a 2D array saved with LOADV is loaded as an image with LOADG, the height and width sizes are swapped.
  • It doesn't cause an error to call the DEF of a different slot from one slot and then use EXEC against the original slot in that DEF.

Issues with menu screen etc.

Significance: High

  • *If you repeatedly press the B Button immediately after selecting a work in “Replace Published Work”, all operations except the pointer will be disabled.
  • *Pressing the B Button when the transmitting icon is displayed may cause a hang.

Significance: Medium

  • *After moving to BASIC with “Look inside with BASIC”, the + Button or F5 key will not allow execution.
  • *The cursor disappears after deleting a project from “Projects”.
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