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Update Information (Oct. 12, 2020)

We’ve released SmileBASIC 4 Ver. 4.4.2.

Bug Fixes

The following bug has been fixed.

BASIC Language Issues

Significance: High

  • Loading with LOADV into a return value array of TARRAY and GARRAY sometimes hangs.
  • When a string variable is repeatedly added by INC to an uninitialized string variable in a program, the content of the string variable may not be accurate and the program hangs when it runs out of memory.
  • When setting a value to a text screen variable with TVAR, it hangs if a real number is specified to a variable key.

Significance: Medium

  • If Ctrl+L or Ctrl+S is pressed when “Press ENTER” is displayed while the BACKTRACE command is being executed, some keystrokes will not be operative afterwards.
  • When an undefined constant is specified to an argument of a function, it causes a Syntax Error instead of an Undefined Constant error.
  • After forcefully quitting the program by pressing the + Button, the program is started when the + Button is released.
  • When a composition type of LAYER is other than 0 and LCLIP is set at one upper layer ID, the previous frame's layer image remains outside the LCLIP range.
  • The error argument number is wrong when an invalid MML is specified in BGMPLAY.
  • Negative values cannot be set for variables in MML.

Issues with menu screen etc.

Significance: High

  • If you press the + Button immediately after interrupting/quitting a program launched from PLAYMENU, the program may start up in an incorrect state or SmileBASIC 4 itself may terminate unexpectedly.

Significance: Medium

  • When a large number of projects are stored, it may take a long time to start up SmileBASIC 4 itself.
  • The moment you press and hold a button in PLAYMENU to bring up the submenu, the display gets weird when you press another button.
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