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Update Information (Jul. 30, 2020)

We’ve released SmileBASIC 4 Ver. 4.4.1.

Bug Fixes

The following bug has been fixed.

Issues with menu screen etc.

Significance: Medium

  • The scroll bar in FILEMENU cannot be touched.
  • In PLAYMENU, the Public Key for the Local tab is displayed with blank or incorrect information.
  • In PLAYMENU, if you set the sort to “Update Date” in the Local tab, some of the order is switched.
  • In PLAYMENU, the work list on the left side of the display may become corrupted after moving the tabs from the Local to the Public Key and back to the Local quickly.
  • In PLAYMENU, the cursor position is not correct after selecting “Check Updates” in the submenu of the Local tab.
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