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Update Information (Jun. 16, 2020)

We’ve released SmileBASIC 4 Ver. 4.4.0.

New Features

Overall Improvement

We have revised the English localization based on user feedback. We appreciate the feedback from many of you.

New BASIC Language Features

See the help and reference for each command for more details.

The support for saving and restoring to the READ position to the RESTORE command has been added.
The ability to get a link flag to SPLINK has been added.
The ability to load a specific project to METALOAD has been added.
The restriction to allow ENVSAVE to be used from the main interpreter has been removed.

Improvements of the Menu and Others

The project list view has been improved to be faster.
A warning message is now displayed when an unsaved program is found at the start of the Beginner's Guide.

Bug Fixes

The following bug has been fixed.

BASIC Language Issues

Significance: High

  • Freeze under certain conditions and procedures when copying a file to another project.

Significance: Medium

  • Coordinates set by MOUSE command cannot be retrieved by TOUCH.
  • If TSTOP is executed after TANIM is executed, the value returned by TCHK will be abnormal.
  • When a sprite using SPCOL is SPSET, the previous SPCOL size information is left behind.
  • When an Int is INC or DEC, the calculation result is different from + (addition) when the calculation result exceeds the maximum or minimum value of the Int.
  • INKEY$(1) returns a value including the controller input.
  • When using a lot of WAVSET for multiple voice numbers, the waveforms of other tone numbers might be replaced by the specified tone number's waveform.
  • If either of starting point X or Y is negative in TLOAD, it is not applied to the display.

Issues with menu screen etc.

Significance: High


Significance: Medium

  • Update tutorial of 4.2.0 is played immediately after updating from the version of 4.2.0 or earlier to 4.3.0.
  • If you press the official website button on the English version, the Japanese page will be displayed.
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